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Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Backed by a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys.

BIA’s managed document review combines experienced review attorneys with superior technology, including legal review document hosting software, the analytics platforms and machine learning tools like technology assisted review (TAR) and continuous active learning (CAL).

Bundle and Save

We coordinate with your outside attorneys.

Let us do the work under the supervision of and in coordination with your law firm. We have worked with almost all of the AmLaw® 200 law firms and several hundred medium-sized firms and are able to create efficiencies in the document review process that drive costs down and effectiveness up.

The BIA managed document review service includes all of the aspects of legal document review bundled into a discrete service offering using a flat-fee pricing model.

Benefits to BIA managed document review:

  • No-hassle protocol development and issue identification
  • Plan and testing baked into the process
  • TAR efficiencies with institutional knowledge
  • No need to track time or efficiency per hour or per reviewer
  • Guaranteed not to exceed fees

BIA Reviewers & Outside Counsel

Our corporate clients prefer managed document review.

BIA managed document review is a preferred method for performing legal document review because all of the technology decisions and process protocols are made in tandem by BIA and outside counsel, taking into consideration the legal strategy and specifics of the matter at hand.

BIA managed review is completed by licensed attorneys who are well trained on the review tools and analytics and can work hand-in-hand with you to find and code the documents you need to produce, assist with privilege logs, and help you prepare for depositions and trial.

The Value of BIA Managed Document Review

Take 30 seconds to see how BIA’s managed document review reduces time spent on doc review and saves you money.

Secure & Private Infrastructure

At BIA, we take security seriously. Each of our managed review projects is performed in a dedicated secure environment aligned with NIST 800-53 standards. The environment uses virtualized systems that are security-hardened and are monitored with incident prevention systems and conditional access policies.

  • Independent production infrastructure that is not connected to our corporate/operations network
  • Use of advanced threat protection systems such as IDS/IDP and vulnerability monitoring and alerting
  • Locked down virtual machines with no external printing or copy-paste capabilities
  • Audited access logs and least-privilege RBAC in use for all authorized users
  • Fully compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA and local and state rules
  • Systems are fully wiped of all data at the close of each project.
  • Customized security configurations available on a per project or on a per client basis.
  • Infrastructure supports thousands of simultaneous attorney reviewers and hundreds of projects concurrently.

Don't go at it alone.

Our team is professional, ready to start on short notice and offers well-planned, hassle-free projects.

BIA managed document review provides you a powerful extension of your legal team that includes everything needed to successfully complete any legal document review project:  the review attorneys, the requisite technology including the legal review document hosting software and the analytics platforms and chared using a unique flat-fee pricing model.

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You’re still in control of your legal document review even though we do the work!

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Professional Document Reviewers

Our document review teams are composed of legal professionals, not inexperienced attorneys hoping to find a full-time job.

BIA attorneys and legal professionals are highly trained and focus solely on attorney review tactics and methods.

When not involved in a document review project, our attorney review professionals are constantly tuning and testing our proprietary processes and methods.

This way, BIA legal document reviewers maintain their skills within the eDiscovery software or online document hosting platform that best suits the matter at hand.

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