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Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Combining smart people with AI-based legal technology.

Today, legal document review doesn’t happen without some use of technology assisted review or other related analytics, such as near-dupe analysis, text analysis, email threading technology and the like.

BIA has long used TAR as part of its legal document review strategy — and we’ve been successful for our corporate and law firm clients since the beginning.

BIA has also been a part of the DESI programs to build and measure TAR usage as part of legal document review. We continue to lead the industry in the successful use of TAR as a standard practice in its legal document review service.

BIA's Technology Assisted Review Services

Technology assisted review and advanced analytics are used every day in legal proceedings.

BIA uses technology assisted review and advanced analytics such as predictive coding, clustering, threading, context searching and the many other advanced technologies designed to help attorneys home in on the important documents. Modern litigation necessarily includes vasts amounts of data. Even a small case today consists of thousands of email conversations, thousands of chat threads and many documents from a disparate set of information sources.

Combining advanced legal technologies and mature human processes for quality control and software configuration is what drives successful attorney review, legal research services and advanced AI for document analysis.

A trained computer system with professional humans driving quality control is more accurate and much faster than a traditional attorney review process with eyes on every document.

Using the right processes, machine learning quality control and document sampling — and integrating the use of AI-based technologies into the review and analysis workflow — will lead to a successful computer-aided legal document review strategy. Even more, it leads to a strategy that can be easily validated and clearly described to the court. That validation comes only by using a leading eDiscovery company.

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More and more courts, judges, magistrates and arbitrators understand the power of using AI-based technology in the attorney review process.

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