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Legal Technology

Legal Technology

The modern legal technology stack is impressive and mature, and it gets the job done.

BIA has been at the forefront of the legal technology industry as an eDiscovery software developer, data hosting provider and digital forensics company. Plus, we review almost every platform on the market and offer a full suite of technologies. That wide breadth of experience across every area of legal technology puts us in the perfect position to act as our clients’ technology partner when determining the best and most effective solutions.

BIA Legal Technology Offerings

BIA provides the top legal technology solutions in the market. From mature on-premises platforms to modern SaaS applications, BIA protects clients by offering the best solutions for their specific needs.

eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery software comes in all shapes and sizes, and each has a specific purpose and maturity level. BIA’s extensive testing enables it to leverage only the best software for its clients.

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Legal Hold Software

It’s crucial to use the best legal hold and data preservation solutions. They are the frontline of the legal process, helping avoid sanctions and problems later in the litigation lifecycle.

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eDiscovery in Office 365

Microsoft has introduced several eDiscovery features native to the Office 365 platform. BIA has created tools and gap-fillers to leverage them in the most cost-effective ways.

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Analytics Platforms

Today's legal matters require advanced technology, like content analytics and predictive coding, to help attorneys accurately and rapidly find smoking guns and get to the heart of a case.

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Rely on an Experienced Legal Technology Provider

BIA has designed, built, implemented, used, tested and configured every type of legal technology in the market. With offerings ranging from open-source tools to complete enterprise solutions, the technology experts at BIA have the experience to cut to the heart of client needs and to provide the right solution within budget.

Benefits of Using BIA Legal Technology Solutions

  • Many years of experience implementing legal technology
  • Internal technical support and custom programming resources
  • Strong partnerships with all of the top legal technology providers

Legal Technology Is the Key

Legal technology is a foundational part of any matter

Legal technology spans several large areas of technology including storage, computing, databases, analytics, indexing and search, IT and cybersecurity.

Modern legal technology software, platforms and tools are sophisticated applications and require certified users and supporting IT resources to ensure a satisfactory experience — one that meets the expected high standards for functionality and speed.

To save money and minimize legal operational headaches, corporate legal department and law firm clients have engaged BIA to support their technology and process needs.

BIA supports, manages and delivers only the best solutions to its corporate, law firm and government clients — from eDiscovery software, such as Relativity, to leading forensic tools, such as Cellebrite UFED phone data capture and forensics software.

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BIA leverages the precise technology with each client to automate manual processes and strengthen their overall legal compliance.

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BIA Supports and Offers Software, Platforms and Tools

Just a decade ago, the technology landscape for corporate legal departments and attorneys was sparse and very behind most of the rest of the information management world. Today, though that landscape has matured. Legal technology is now focused on solving key problems and it uses modern platforms such as secure cloud computing and advanced web technologies.

  • eDiscovery Software - Much of the ESI that is captured, processed, searched and produced is done so by using some aspect of eDiscovery software.
  • Legal Hold Systems - With the spread of users and data, corporations can no longer afford the legal risks and costs of manually managing legal hold notification and preservation activities.
  • Legal Data Hosting and Doc Review Platforms - In order for attorneys to review and tag documents and prepare for depositions and trial, documents must be hosted in a feature-rich and cost-effective repository.
  • ESI Processing Technologies - Data must be processed, cataloged and indexed so that exceptions are handled correctly and data sets are organized appropriately.
  • TAR & Advanced Analytics - Modern legal document review does not occur without some sort of technology-assisted review and analytics.
  • Document Production Applications - The discovery process typically ends with the production of documents and information to opposing and other parties. That must be done efficiently and accurately.

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