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eDiscovery in Office 365

eDiscovery in Office 365 for Enterprises

Reduce legal costs using eDiscovery in Office 365.

Most companies today are already using Office 365 (also known as Microsoft 365), so much of the company’s ESI (data) is contained within Office 365 and its related apps, including Azure resources. If leveraged correctly, a company can substantially reduce its overall legal spend, and outside counsel fees, by deploying BIA’s Office 365 eDiscovery solutions.

Office 365 eDiscovery + BIA Tools

BIA's custom tools and plug-ins help fill the gaps between Office 365 features and eDiscovery needs.

BIA has invested in creating, testing and using custom O365 plug-ins and IT tools to manage complex eDiscovery workflows. Some of BIA’s eDiscovery solutions include filling the current gaps in Office 365 to provide a seamless eDiscovery process.

BIA strives to deliver the newest methods and technologies in the most cost-effective ways to its corporate clients. Leveraging existing advanced eDiscovery features within Office 365 is one of the newest ways that BIA can continue to save clients money while keeping legal defensibility high.

We work with your in-house legal team and outside law firm to create processes and implement tools that fit your needs and goals. We use native features in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to minimize the burden on IT and maximize the organization’s current investment in its Office 365 enterprise licenses (for small and medium-sized businesses now, Microsoft 365 licenses).

Benefits to using BIA legal technology in tandem with eDiscovery in Office 365

  • Automate legal hold management
  • Initiate matters with one click
  • Create and manage custodian lists seamlessly
  • Outline email search protocols
  • Manage requests and budget for outside counsel
  • Establish legal billing workflows
  • Help ensure security and compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations
  • Handle any size eDiscovery matter directly from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center
  • Lower your vendor and outside counsel spend
  • Utilize a custom portal and centralized dashboard to manage all eDiscovery
  • Employ proven workflows for data preservation, collection, review and production

Leverage Your Current Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Licenses

BIA's Office 365 eDiscovery solutions deliver the right ROI and TCO for any company that has already decided to use Office 365.

As a Microsoft eDiscovery Partner, our expert Office 365 advisory team will help you and your organization design and implement mission-critical solutions that increase your litigation preparedness and regulatory compliance level of readiness.

BIA monitors and manages eDiscovery needs using your existing Office 365 licenses, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary vendor costs, processing and hosting charges.

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The BIA managed service approach allows you to focus on your business and corporate legal operations. Read about how to maximize your Office 365 licenses for eDiscovery.

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BIA Helps Fill the Office 365 Gaps

BIA's Office 365 eDiscovery enterprise solutions include filling the current gaps in Office 365 in the following areas:

  • Custodian identification for legal holds
  • Gathering data from areas of the corporate network not directly supported by Microsoft
  • Early case assessment features to help cull the data
  • Light review and tagging of data and documents before being promoted to full attorney review

7 Reasons to Use O365 for In-House eDiscovery

BIA helps its clients save on eDiscovery costs while improving efficiency and lowering legal risk.


Built-in Features

Corporations can fully take advantage of the power, features and functions they already have with Office 365.

Less Data Transfer

Data won’t be shuffled in and out of various platforms, minimizing migration risks and IT headaches.

Custom Solutions

We create bespoke Office 365 solutions that allow eDiscovery to happen quickly, securely, defensibly and cost-effectively.

Fully Managed

Our team manages the entire process, providing detailed reports and alerts through Office 365.

Centralized Portal

Our customized portal provides your legal team easy, secure access to reports, options and other functions.

Direct to Review

Data can be seamlessly moved to the review platform of your choice, enhanced by our high-quality in-house review team.

Expert Support

Our skilled advisors will create a comprehensive eDiscovery Best Practices Guide that is tailored to your organization, establishing a clear and defensible process.

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