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eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery Software

Today's eDiscovery requires advanced software.

BIA is a leading provider of the most popular and effective eDiscovery software solutions in the market. Our platform offerings encompass legal holds, ESI processing, advanced search, near-duplication analysis, predictive coding, advanced analytics, technology-assisted review, legal document review software platforms, forensic investigations and more. BIA can provide both on-prem and SaaS-based eDiscovery software for every need.

Secure eDiscovery Software Backed by Specialists.

BIA is a leader in providing best-in-class software and technology.

Over the past 10 years, enterprise-class eDiscovery software has matured — from legal hold management to analytics. The entire time, BIA has been at the forefront of vetting and offering the best software and technology platforms the industry has to offer.

BIA has also created much of its own software and technology, including well-known brands such as DiscoveryBOT® and TotalDiscovery. BIA continues to deliver the best eDiscovery and digital forensics solutions across all areas of legal information technology.

BIA provides primarily hosted versions of all the popular eDiscovery software platforms, such as those for data gathering, ESI processing, legal document review, production and evidence management.

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BIA offers the best software and technology platforms that the industry has to offer.

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Legal Document Review Software

Industry standard platforms backed by experienced people.

The document review stage of discovery is when attorneys and legal professionals review and tag documents with issue codes and manage analytics results. Besides the well-known systems, like Relativity, there are many other software tools and solutions, including an important set of open source software, that BIA uses to deliver its solutions.

But software is only one part of the overall equation for our clients’ success. The people who use the software, and the processes they follow, are integral to ensuring that an organization can keep legal risks and costs low.

BIA Supports Leading eDiscovery Software Platforms

There are many technology solutions that BIA provides as part of its wide range of services in eDiscovery, digital forensics and electronically stored information (ESI) management for lawsuits and regulatory matters.

Whether its eDiscovery software for data processing, early case assessment (ECA), analytics or legal document review, BIA has the practical experience to deliver the right Discovery software for your needs and within your budget requirements.

Major platforms supported include:

  • Brainspace
  • LAW
  • Nuix
  • Relativity
  • Reveal
  • TotalDiscovery
  • Summation/Concordance

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