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Legal Hold Software

Legal Hold Software

BIA has designed and built legal hold solutions for over a decade.

Companies today face sanctions and fines if they are not prepared at the outset of a legal matter to show that legal hold and preservation obligations have been met.

BIA’s legal hold solutions automate the process of managing legal hold recipients. We make it easy for you to draft litigation hold notices, send regular reminders and conduct other related tasks as needed. Our platforms and processes ensure legal duties are managed efficiently, accurately and defensibly.

Automating Legal Holds

Stop manual tasks related to managing the corporate litigation hold process.

BIA deploys a custom, user-friendly system that is accessible through your web browser. It allows you to easily manage legal holds, custodians and collected data with the click of a mouse. Behind the scenes are robust engines, such as TotalDiscovery legal hold software and Office 365 Compliance Center, which can be modified as needed based on your needs.

Legal Hold Automation

  • Helps avoid sanctions
  • Creates efficiencies for IT and Legal
  • Reduced outside counsel spend
  • Provides on-the-fly reporting
  • Leverage compliance as part of a winning litigation strategy

Simple, Flexible & Immediately Deployable

Customized litigation hold software to meet your company's needs.

BIA offers our clients many choices for implementing a full legal hold solution. That means we can provide customized front-ends with different reporting capabilities, as well as integration with the rest of the eDiscovery process, such as Relativity for document review.

In addition, BIA can easily connect to corporate directory services such as Active Directory, JumpCloud, Okta or any LDAP-compliant system for quick designation of legal hold recipients and custodians.

Enterprise System Connectivity

BIA legal hold solutions are unique because we are able to connect the legal hold software back-end engine to several different enterprise systems, such as Active Directory, the corporate Global Address List (GAL), IT ticketing systems and corporate-wide wikis and intranets.

Legal Document Review Integration

As a full eDiscovery and legal technology provider, BIA has created several proprietary integrations to connect the legal hold and custodian questionnaire process to the subsequent document review workflow in popular attorney review platforms such as Relativity.

Custom Reporting and Tracking

BIA has designed specialized reports and templates for executives, managers and legal operations staff to quickly view and track the activities related to ensuring legal hold compliance and auditability.

Legal Hold Automation & Management

Meet legal hold and preservation obligations with automated and cost-effective legal hold solutions.

Legal hold miscommunications can result in confusion, data loss, increased costs and possible sanctions. Written memos and unstructured emails are difficult to issue, manage and track. Most solutions require large investments and specially trained staff.

BIA’s legal hold software solves those problems, allowing organizations to manage the process easily, securely and defensibly.

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BIA offers powerful and easy-to-use legal hold solutions that simplify legal hold management.

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BIA Legal Hold Solutions Offer Rich Features

Automation, cost-effectiveness and legal defensibility.

  • Flexible acknowledgements & reminders
  • Track custodian acknowledgements
  • Supervisor escalations
  • Cross-matter reporting
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Multi-version hold memos
  • Quick & simple release workflows
  • Centralized web-based management
  • Departing employee alerts
  • Automated custodian notification
  • Tracking employee change of status
  • Simple recipient acknowledgement interface
  • Enterprise management systems integration
  • Quick legal risk exposure assessment

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