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Use Cases

BIA has the experience and takes the right approach.

Certain types of legal matters are more eDiscovery heavy than others.  BIA has nearly two decades of experience with the most intense eDiscovery related case types.  Using mature methods, highly skilled professional staff, and modern technology, BIA has been a trusted eDiscovery provider for medium and large companies, law firms and government.

Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation

Experienced professionals, efficient processes and cutting-edge tech to ensure success and cost-control.

Companies spend too much time and money managing data for legal matters such as for lawsuits and regulatory inquiries. Corporate IT, in-house legal, outside counsel and other experts work to gather, transfer, process, analyze, produce and store data across many cases.

BIA solves the following problems for companies with Civil Lawsuits & Business Litigation:

  • Stop incurring high costs with no budget predictability.
  • No more over-preservation to reduce legal risk and lower legal costs.
  • Prevent inadvertent omission of relevant data sources.
  • Begin maintaining data with cross-matter intelligence and not in silos.


Regulatory Matters

Regulatory Matters

Rapidly respond to critical Federal, State and International regulatory requests.

When government agencies and regulatory bodies initiate inquiries or investigations, companies must act fast and transparently to respond. BIA offers mature, cost-effective solutions specially designed so that our clients can rapidly and accurately respond to, and manage, regulatory requests and governmental inquires.

Benefits of using BIA for regulatory matters:

  • Rapid & accurate responses
  • Targeted document collections
  • Easy employee identification
  • SEC, FTC, DOJ document request handling
  • Efficient execution of regulatory CIDs


DOJ Second Requests

DOJ Second Requests

Large document volumes, short time frames and scrutinizing regulators are why you need the right litigation support company.

When companies are involved in mergers and acquisitions that require regulatory approval, speed and expertise are critical.

Matching stellar legal counsel with an eDiscovery vendor that is driven by customer service and maintains mature processes for rapid response is critical to successful regulatory approval.

BIA solves the problems of responding to DOJ 2nd requests during M&A by:

  • Ensuring rapid turn-around of data productions
  • High-quality review and analysis of relevant documents
  • Using best-in-class technology
  • Assigning experienced, certified project managers, process advisory and eDiscovery technicians


Online Investigations

Online Investigations

Investigating digital assets is important for internal incidents, insurance claims analysis and lawsuits.

Companies and litigants need to investigate and analyze all forms of information devices and data sources.

Many incidents require digital and computer forensics investigations where data is analyzed with specialized tools and software.

Digital Investigations require:

  • Expert skills
  • Professional experience
  • Testimonial experience

Online Investigations include analyzing and investigating:

  • Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • SaaS applications like MS Teams and Slack
  • Internet storage like Box, Dropbox and Google Docs
  • Webmail systems such as Gmail and Outlook.com

Modern Digital Investigations include analyzing and investigating:

  • Mobile devices
  • Databases
  • Web activity and browsing habits


Construction Defect Claims

Construction Defect Claims

Our extensive subject matter expertise provides a solid foundation for construction litigation matters of any size.

Construction Defect insurance claims and lawsuits can quickly become expensive from an eDiscovery perspective. BIA prevents that.

Our efficient eDiscovery processes and long-term experience in construction litigation are but a couple of the many tools we use to help insurance carriers and construction company clients with construction or design defect claims.

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