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Collect & Preserve

The experience and know-how to collect and preserve your data correctly and completely.

Because BIA’s expert team has already helped you identify your data, it is instantly and always ready to be gathered for any new case. 

We ensure that the right, targeted data is collected and preserved in a forensically sound manner. And your custom dashboard gives you real-time visibility into the status of every collection.

Most of our collections are handled remotely through our secure cloud platform – gathering data from multiple devices, systems and locations with a push of a button. Bonus: no hardware costs and no heavy IT resources. It’s all done with our DiscoveryBOT. We can also provide on-site collections.

Because we are known in the industry as the experts in data collections, we are frequently asked to collect data from almost any device you could imagine – antiquated telephone systems, video, swipe card databases, copy machines, the latest social media platform and much more. If it holds data, we'll find a way to defensibly collect and preserve it.

And don’t forget data security. We make sure data is encrypted from the moment of collection and follow strict chain-of-custody protocols. And we back up our forensic collections with affidavits and expert testimony.

Learn more about our data collections and early case assessment.