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Data Collections

Defensibly collect data in just a few clicks. Because you have better things to do.

The team at BIA has handled defensible collections for matters of all size, from every kind of device that holds data, in all areas of the world – even on an oil rig in the ocean miles from shore. Plus, because our collections are handled through our secure cloud environment, they can begin as soon as you push the button.

Most of our collections are handled remotely with the DiscoveryBOT data gathering application we created. This forensically sound, court-tested tool has been used in thousands of matters around the world. DiscoveryBOT securely collects and transfers data from a multitude of sources directly to the TotalDiscovery platform, ensuring chain of custody and providing real-time status throughout the process.

Because BIA’s team helps you identify what data you have and where it lives, collections can be targeted to only grab the custodians, devices and information that you need. That means there are no unnecessary costs for acquiring or hosting data you know you’re not going to use. Our collection process also uses includes a comprehensive audit trail, tamper-proofing and security methods such as in-stream hashing to validate all files/records that are gathered.

We also have the expertise and technology to collect and search data from social media sites.

Throughout the process, our team of eDiscovery professionals provide in-depth advisory services, which includes assisting with case strategy, guiding eDiscovery processes and workflows and ensuring efficiency and accuracy.