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Early Case Assessment

Data insight so deep, you can predict the future.

Don’t you wish you could quickly glean insight into your data to know what to do about a case before you actually spend money on collecting the data? That’s what we’re here for.

BIA’s team and our Data Profiler technology can give you the answers you need in a way that’s easy to understand and act on, including:

  • How much data will need to be collected
  • Where that data is
  • What kind of data it is
  • Number of custodians
  • Processing metrics (including expansion rates, password-protected files, corrupt files and more)
  • What it will cost to collect, process and review
  • What keywords should be used
  • If technology assisted review will help speed up the process
  • What review platform to use

The vast knowledge we can provide you about your data – much of it even before it’s collected – allows you to determine case strategy, assess risks and predict costs.

Drilling down quickly and precisely into your data early in the process so you can make intelligent decisions. That’s ECA done right.