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Data Breach Discovery™

Resolve a breach, regain control and save your reputation

Unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common. And when a corporation or law firm has been compromised, the matter needs to be resolved quickly and correctly, while avoiding any regulatory action or litigation.

That requires clear communication to all parties involved – internally and externally – as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could be accused of intentionally holding back information, which is what happened to Uber in 2017.

Responding to a cyber event can require much more than companies and their counsel anticipate. Plus, most breach response offerings leave it up to the organization to identify individuals affected by a data breach. Yet the exposure of just 25 email boxes can yield over one million documents for review and result in the identification of an untold number of individuals for notification.  

Data breach matters are also subject to rapid turnaround times and extraordinary scrutiny by regulators. This places a premium on the efficient and effective delivery of quality results. 

BIA’s Data Breach Discovery™ service combines cybersecurity methodologies, electronic discovery technology and proven processes to quickly, securely and cost-effectively identify what personal and sensitive data may have been affected in a breach.

  • Non-disruptive data collection and assessment
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cutting-edge database analysis
  • End-to-end review services
  • Rigid quality control
  • Detailed understanding of privacy issues
  • Forensic investigation capabilities

We have expertise performing data breach projects involving personally identifiable information (PII), family educational rights and privacy act (FERPA), payment card industry (PCI), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data types.


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