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eDiscovery Best Practices Guides

All your eDiscovery processes and best practices in one place, customized just for your organization.

Our custom-made, comprehensive eDiscovery Best Practices Guides ensure every legal matter is handled consistently and correctly. With versions for both law firms and corporations, these guides help organizations create clear, effective and defensible processes to successfully and confidently navigate the complex eDiscovery process.

The best part is that these playbooks are not one-size-fits-all. Every eDiscovery Best Practices Guide is customized specifically for the firm or corporation, ensuring all internal and external requirements and expectations are met.

ediscovery best practices guide cover artWith BIA’s eDiscovery Best Practices Guide, you can:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce risk
  • Establish clear workflows
  • Develop defensible, reliable and repeatable eDiscovery processes
  • Ensure consistent results
  • Protect your company, your clients and your data
  • Lower eDiscovery costs
  • Shorten the litigation lifecycle
  • Maintain control of your data throughout the entire eDiscovery process
  • Inspire confidence in team members, vendors and outside counsel
  • Assemble an effective working group of the right people and technical resources
  • Be fully prepared to successfully and thoroughly address your eDiscovery processes in meet-and-confer, judicial status conferences and more

The guide consists of specific protocols, best practices, direction on assembling an eDiscovery team and a series of checklists covering topics ranging from the first matter kick-off call to final document production protocols. 

Each eDiscovery Best Practices Guide provides detailed information covering multiple areas, including:

  • Legal holds and custodian questionnaires
  • Data collections and processing
  • Data filtering and search terms
  • Document review protocols
  • Technology assisted review
  • Productions 
  • Quality control
  • Clawbacks
  • Recycling and leveraging previous work product
  • And more

The end result is an easy-to-use reference book that all parties – including inside counsel, outside counsel and others – can rely on for direction throughout an eDiscovery project. 

To learn more about our eDiscovery Best Practices Guides, or to request one be tailor-made for your organization, contact BIA today at 1-888-338-4242 or