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We are the Sherlock Holmes of data – nothing eludes us.

Data seems to be everywhere. Any organization could have data located on computers, hard drives and servers, in the cloud, on mobile devices and more. And the files can include standards like documents and email as well as text messages, social media and video. Our expert, certified forensic specialists can find and examine data in any form, in any location.

BIA has provided comprehensive computer forensics services since our founding in 2002. And we stay up to date on the most advanced techniques, equipment and processes available, so we know we can get you the answers you need. Our techs enjoy getting on the digital trail to find what you need to win.

Our team can perform data collection, full disc imaging, digital forensic investigations and in-depth forensic analysis for matters of all sizes and complexities. All services are performed in a defensible, secure manner complete with detailed documentation and audit trails. And we back up our findings and reports with expert testimony and affidavits.


Case Study: Exiting Employee Review

When an employee exits a company, it is essential to identify and preserve critical information he or she possessed and ensure that no sensitive data left the company with the former employee. Failing to adequately identify and retain exiting employee data can have a negative impact on many areas, including regulatory requirements, litigation holds, intellectual property rights and general corporate knowledge capital. In addition, a strong exiting employee protocol can also detect and address data breaches, intellectual property or proprietary information theft and other concerns that can arise at the time of an employee’s exit.

Case Study: Customer Data Theft

A transportation company suspected that a former manager, who had quit abruptly and opened a competing business very soon after, had stolen crucial customer data to aid in creating his new company. BIA obtained the former employee’s digital assets and performed a comprehensive investigation. The examination revealed that the former employee had used the company’s assets to set up his new competing business during work hours and had stolen the company’s entire customer database and activities, among other critical data.

Case Study: Confidential Corporate Documents Theft
A Midwest-based medical provider was defending a whistleblower retaliatory termination litigation. During the investigation, BIA provided information that assisted in defending the whistleblower claims and discovered that the employee in question had stolen confidential and protected corporate records to which the employee had no access.
Case Study: Corporate Fraud
An East Coast-based financial services institution suspected that a senior executive had submitted false expense reports. BIA provided irrefutable evidence of the executive’s substantial expense account fraud and proved that the executive routinely spent time surfing websites that were inappropriate for the workplace. Those findings led the company to dismiss the executive and void a lucrative golden parachute.