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Legal Holds

Easy, transparent, defensible legal holds. You’ve got this.


How would you like to save money, automate processes, lower risk and ensure defensibility with your legal holds – all while saving you time (and headaches)? That’s what we thought.

Our TotalDiscovery offering can do just that. BIA’s expert team knows TotalDiscovery backwards and forwards and can customize it to fit your needs. But most of the time, we don’t even have to, because it’s pretty much perfect right out of the box.

Our legal hold platform allows you to:

  • Create and distribute legal hold notices to anyone online, within minutes
  • View all cases and statuses from one simple unified dashboard
  • Track acknowledgement of legal holds
  • Create automated acknowledgement reminders
  • Create and track automated routine legal hold reminders
  • Run detailed audit reports
  • Automatically escalate legal hold notices to supervisors
  • Customize multiple legal hold notices and send them to specific custodian groups
  • Run reports on every matter, every hold and every custodian
  • Maintain a library of hold notice memos to be used for different matter types
  • Ensure compliance and security

Supporting this easy-to-use platform, our skilled advisors help you design your legal hold strategy, policies and workflows – ensuring the whole process is defensible and mitigates risk.

With BIA’s team and platform, you can manage all your legal holds before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Learn more about Total Discovery or request a free demo.