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Total Discovery

Your one-stop shop for legal holds, data collections, budgeting, workflows and ECA.

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TotalDiscovery makes it easy to take control of your data. With over a decade of real world experience… hundreds of thousands of collections of untold terabytes… from data sources in over 50 countries spread across six continents – TotalDiscovery is the most battle-tested, proven and defensible solution available today.

TotalDiscovery offers: Automated and defensible legal holds and processes. Deep insight into data before it’s even collected. Comprehensive, forensic data collections at the push of a button. Predictable budgets and proven workflows that streamline eDiscovery. Secure technology that is trusted by Fortune® 500 companies, AmLaw 200 law firms and Forbes Global 2000 companies. TotalDiscovery is the standard in legal holds, data preservation, collection and discovery.

  • Legal Holds

    BIA TotalDiscovery legal holdWith a simple, unified dashboard, you can create and distribute customized legal hold notices to any employee or custodian group online, within minutes. Yep, minutes. And don’t worry about checking in. With TotalDiscovery, reminders to custodians and escalations are automated, and detailed reports track all matters, legal holds and subject employees, ensuring defensibility. Wave goodbye to an HR nightmare.
  • Early Case Assessment

    There’s never been a faster, more streamlined way to gather preliminary information about the size and nature of your data than TotalDiscovery. We know eDiscovery gets expensive, so before even touching collection, our Data Profiler tools grabs actionable insights specific to your data, which our team then uses to provide the most accurate forecast into your discovery needs.
  • Data Collections

    BIA TotalDiscovery data collectionTotalDiscovery connects to many types of systems with zero hardware needed. That means you’re only a few clicks away from defensible collection of data, whether there is 1,000 feet or 1,000 miles between you and the device being collected. And with TotalDiscovery, convenience is built in, since you can monitor everything from your web browser, in real time.
  • eDiscovery

    Once data has been collected, TotalDiscovery automatically catalogs, normalizes and indexes, while performing such tasks as virus scanning, file type verification, OCR for image files and exception handling. Our platform also uses a sophisticated indexing engine that allows the creation of complex searches, including proximity searches, wildcards, phrases and much more. Once everything is ready, data sets are quickly and accurately delivered to all the most popular document review platforms.

BIA’s team can help you make the best use of TotalDiscovery to give you unparalleled control over and insight into your data, unlimited support from our teams and the ability to significantly reduce the amount of data that is promoted for attorney review.


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