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Managed Review Services

The consistent, proven team of attorneys you always wished you could have.

BIA’s managed review team is an experienced group of in-house, licensed attorneys with an outstanding track record of efficiently, accurately and defensibly reviewing documents for some of the largest companies and law firms in the world. The BIA Team can create a review strategy that will ensure the best use of time – and money. 

Because our primary review attorneys are full-time employees, you don’t have to worry about a temporary team playing musical chairs during the review process. In fact, it’s the opposite: Our attorneys bring added efficiencies, consistent quality and institutional knowledge to ensure that the review happens smoothly and correctly the first time – and every time. When we need additional attorneys on staff for especially large needs, we have a crew already vetted and ready to go, and the process will still be fully managed by our in-house team.

Our review team has experience with cases of all sizes and complexities, and they have been trained and certified on Relativity, Catalyst’s Insight and Reveal’s InControl, as well as many other platforms. So they are ready to meet your needs and goals from day one. They are also masters at using various predictive coding and TAR options to help find the relevant documents quickly.

  • Legal review expertise – handling cases from small reviews on quick, individual matters to massive review efforts for large-scale, complex and protracted litigations
  • Intense quality control protocols – ensuring a consistent and high-quality work product
  • Dedicated, professional and full-time team of licensed attorneys
  • Complete process management – developing customized, matter-specific review protocols and provide guidance on project workflow and review strategy
  • Sophisticated security measures – safeguarding the entire process, from building access to handling privileged and redacted documents
  • Regulatory compliance data management –  supporting HIPAA, SOX, GBLA, FDA and other mandates
  • Advanced technology – optimizing review with our best-in-breed options for technology assisted review and review coding

Document review can be a hassle – pulling together a contract attorney team, training them on what to do, hoping you don’t have to do a second round with a whole new team, not knowing how many hours it will take or what the cost will be. Why put yourself through that?

With BIA, you have an expert team, the advanced technology and the verified processes to ensure you have the right legal expertise you need when you need it.