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Process, Analyze & Review

We have mastered the doc review process with our perfect blend of platforms, people and processes.

Because we use TotalDiscovery to identify and collect data, your chosen files are ready to be quickly and accurately processed with one mouse click. And since we harness the cloud – and specifically Amazon Web Services, which is immensely secure and scalable – we have the power and space to process huge amounts of data at one time, and quickly.

Indeed, when we use TotalDiscovery to identify, collect and cull your data, we can often have data up for review in as little as 24 hours from first contact – and with a continuously rolling process following thereafter. Think of it as an incredibly efficient 21st century, 24/7 assembly line for collecting, reviewing and producing data.

Once processed, data is easily moved into your review platform of choice, which we help you select based on your needs and case requirements. We leverage the best tools in the industry, like Catalyst’s Insight, Relativity and Reveal’s InControl.

From there, our team can help you with advanced analytics and search options, technology assisted review (TAR) and managed attorney document review.

We also make it easy for our clients to reuse processed data, previous reviewer coding calls and other attorney work product for new cases. That keeps the review efficient and ensures privileged documents stay safe. It also allows attorneys to focus on strategy, not processes.

Our technologies and people work together to give you a seamless and secure end-to-end process that doesn’t let things fall through the cracks. It’s eDiscovery as it should be. 


Case Study: Intellectual Property

A technology company with an immense property portfolio was involved in multiple state and federal patent infringement litigations. Using TotalDiscovery, BIA collected over 1,000,000 documents and then – working with the two law firms involved – we used our expertise in technology assisted review (TAR) to cull this data set to 500,000 documents within an extremely tight deadline of 25 days.

Case Study: Health Care Merger

BIA is known for meeting or exceeding aggressive deadlines while maintaining rigorous quality control, as demonstrated in our work for a large Southeast hospital that was the subject of an FTC merger investigation. This case involved the collection and legal review of more than 530,000 documents within a 10-day deadline – which BIA met. Then, working closely with counsel, BIA created a privilege log containing nearly 20,000 entries in less than two weeks. 

Case Study: Product Liability Multi-District Litigation
A medical device manufacturer was involved in an MDL action involving thousands of potential claimants, hundreds of custodians, terabytes of data and millions of documents. BIA took over the review process from former counsel and worked with the client’s new counsel to complete the document review process. BIA also responded to new requests throughout the duration of the various MDL trials, saving the client millions of dollars compared to previous review services. 
Case Study: Antitrust Second Request
In a matter involving a large telecommunications company‘s compliance with a Hart-Scott-Rodino second request antitrust pre-merger investigation, BIA collected over 2.5 terabytes of electronic data from more than 100 custodians, which resulted in millions of documents to review. The project was completed, including the production of over 900,000 electronic records, in 75 days.