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Review Platforms

Here at BIA, we don’t just have the right team in place – we also have the right tools.

We provide legal review hosting that leverages some of the most well-respected and trusted brands in eDiscovery: Relativity and Reveal. And we support pretty much every other review tool as well. 

  • Relativity

    Relativity logoRelativity is established as a powerful and flexible eDiscovery platform, which is evidenced by its widespread use in the industry, and rightly so. Plus, we have built out our version to provide additional capabilities and benefits, ensuring your review happens with ease and efficiency. Learn more about Relativity with BIA or visit their website.
  • Reveal

    reveal logoAn up-and-comer in the document review arena, Reveal’s platform has quickly demonstrated it can maximize review efforts during the eDiscovery process. The flexible platform includes integrated analytics, allowing you to accelerate your workflow and fine-tune your strategy as you review. Learn more about Reveal with BIA or visit their website

All of our review options are backed by our expert and certified project management team and advisory team, ensuring your questions are answered quickly and your review is as stress-free as possible.

We also provide the ability to recycle data, including review coding and other attorney work product, over all your cases, which increases security and control, reduces risk and cost, and ensures efficiency and accuracy.

Plus, our full-time attorney document review team – who are fully knowledgeable about every platform – is at the ready to help you. Learn more about our managed attorney review services.


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