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Tag: Cost Control

Controlling costs in litigation and eDiscovery can mean the difference between coming in under budget and completely blowing a legal budget.  More companies are forcing their legal departments, law firms and eDiscovery vendors to keep costs low and to ensure value with legal technology services.

Explore informative BIA resources that help you determine how to keep eDiscovery costs low and litigation budgets intact.

eDiscovery Managed Services

Since our founding nearly two decades ago, we have been helping enterprises control their own eDiscovery destinies by offering the unique BIA eDscovery managed service...

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Managed Document Review

BIA managed document review bundles all the aspects of legal document review into a discrete service offering using a flat-fee pricing model.

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Search and Analytics

BIA uses Search and Analytics for its clients’ legal matters to reduce costs by filtering and culling down data to manageable sizes.

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eDiscovery Hosting

BIA is a leading provider of secure eDiscovery hosting platforms such as Relativity and Reveal, managing millions of documents and thousands of users.

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